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EN > Axi’s musical interest began at a very young age, messing around with trackers & music maker programs on pc and went to music academy, learned to play drums there for a few years but at the age of 15 discovered drum’n'bass by his brother. In 2001, Axi bought his own pc and started producing tracks, he got in touch with Crossfire(dsci4) and formed a crew with him, the two played on a few Belgium parties but after a while he decided to focus more on producing and go his own way. His tunes got played out by some well known dj’s and got noticed by Thesis from Atlanta who decided to sign Axi’s tunes on his own label, Corinthian Recordings.  


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16.03.2013 | PHOTO VIDEO
[BE] Axi
[TR] Alpan Aytekin
[TR] Dubstract